Roman Rescue: an escape experience
Roman Rescue Escape Crate
A new take on the Escape Room! Help free our resident Roman slave by solving the clues and puzzles locked away inside the chest he is guarding. Our desperate slave needs your help - he is currently guarding his master’s clothes chest in which his master has hidden his treasure. Solve the clues and discover objects that reveal facts about the site to unlock the secrets of the chest and make Cassius a free man from his controlling Centurion master.

This experience can be enjoyed by up to 6 people and is charged at a one off fixed price of £60 and lasts between 45-60 minutes.

Entry to the Roman Baths is charged per person on top of the fixed price cost and must be purchased at the same time as the experience.

Residents Discovery Card holders please only book for the experience, there is no need to book entry on top.

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the start time of your Roman Rescue experience as the site can get very busy.

Suitable for children aged 12 years and up. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
Select Date/Time for: Roman Rescue! 'ESCAPE'
Roman Rescue: an escape experience!

Only 1 Roman Rescue per booking, the Centurion will be furious enough!

Max 6 people. Please book your tickets below and save 10% off the walk up admission price!

Requires Date/Time
Requires Date/Time
 (Full time with valid ID card)
Requires Date/Time
Requires Date/Time
 (age 6-18 years inclusive; children under 6 are free)
Requires Date/Time
Family 2 + 4 (2 Adults and up to 4 Children)
(2) RB Web Family Adult Visit
Requires Date/Time
(1) RB Web Family Child Visit
Requires Date/Time
(1) RB Web Family Child Visit
Requires Date/Time
Family 1 + 4 (1 Adult and up to 4 Children)
(2) RB Web Family Child (1+2) Visit
Requires Date/Time
(1) RB Web Family Adult (1+2) Visit
Requires Date/Time





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